Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Craft Idea

Ok so I decided to get a little crafty this weekend. Im sure everyone has seen the new design trend with writings on the wall and quotes on the wall.
Well, I tried to follow the trend and make my own with a little twist.
I headed to HomeDepot, where DIY dreams come true:)
Purchased a 4ft x 12 pine board. ($6.00)
Got the Home Depot staff to cut the board in 4 squares.(FREE)
Headed Home... Painted the 4 squares in the color of my choice.(Paint costs approx. $3.00) Used a stamp to create a small background effect on each board.(already had stamp)
Let dry... maybe took 2 hrs.
While it was drying I sat down with hubby and thought of original quotes regarding food, cooking etc, to paint on each square.
Went back to the square boards, painted the sayings we decided on (could also use a sharpie or stencils) and Just like that new art for the kitchen!
All in a couple hours I accomplished quality time with my husband and creative time for myself! Great weekend project.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hi Friends!

OK so Ive got lots of valuable information floating around in my head I can I decided to blog it out;)

Blog away,