Monday, June 6, 2011

Feed this not that???

Ella is officially 9 months old and her eating habits are quickly changing. She can now pick up pieces of food and place them in her mouth. She loves puffs, carrot wagon wheels, rice sticks, etc. But I can-not get her to eat any veggies or fruit that she can pick up herself. She loves both in baby food form but she is now trying to take away the spoon and do it herself so it’s a messy mess!
Ive read some other blogs and a book or two of what foods are next. I've read to try first Fruits, Vegetables and Rice… is this right? i've also gotten some good advice from other moms, but Ella is not wanting the veggies just yet. I also just met another mom with twins same age and they are getting chicken fingers and fries – hahaha. She said the only way she could survive was to let them eat whatever she was eating.  We’re definitely not skipping to the chicken fingers just yet but I know Ella is ready to move on from baby food.  Little miss independent wants to feed herself!
What to feed that is the question????
Such a good little eater!

one of the faces she makes when you try to feed her new food!