Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rookie parent move

I feel like the month of April has been doctor visit after doctor visit and a never ending cycle of antibiotic, diaper rash, ear aches, coughs, runny nose, gooey eye and lots of smiles. Yep smiles, I have realized that even when Ella has snot running down her nose and a cough that would kill a cat she acts like nothing is wrong. It is amazing how resilient children are. Adults can definitely learn a lesson or two from children.

Here are where the rookie moves come in...We have now experienced our first visit to the Emergency room. --Rookie Move number one. Unless, you really feel like the life of your child is at risk never go to the ER -- if your a new parent anything can seem life threatening.

On Monday night Ella wasn't feeling so good, we had already taken her to the doctor and knew she had double ear infections. That night she felt really hot around midnight and had a wet diaper. So I got up to change her and went ahead and took her temperature. The thermometer was ready 104.4 and still going up. I immediately said to John "were going to the hospital!" (Rookie Move)

Rookie parents react and don't think about giving Tylenol and waiting 30-45 min to see if the temp comes down. No we head to the ER so we can hear the words "everything is going to be okay" and "since your paying a heefy bill for being here, we'll go ahead and give her a shot" -- Oh really you would do that for us, thanks! This is what rookie parents say.

So they tell us her temp is now at 101.7 and it's the ears that have caused the high fever. Thankfully, nothing was wrong but all we could do was sit there and think about the money we just spent to hear what we already knew. But were Rookie Parents and we make expensive mistakes and really this can't be looked at like a mistake because something could have been wrong and we care about our little princess too much not make rookie mistakes.

Love you Ella, but the next time you actually need to go to the ER your dad may say no:)

Friday, April 8, 2011

What Was Your First

I love to reminisce about the good ole days and here recently I was talking with some co-workers and we were discussing our first CD purchase. It was hilarious the variety of musical genres.
What was your first CD purchase? I remember mine like it was yesterday. I talked my mom into purchasing Salt N'Pepper and TagTeam.

Here's to the future maybe I will go download the new Brittany Spears! Who buys CDs anymore anyways.

Happy Friday!