Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's over already?

Well we bought, we came, we saw and now its all over:( This Christmas went by way too quick! I will have to say though its been one of the best Ive had in awhile. Im not sure what it was but I was totally in the spirit this year ~ happy face!
I got to see my crazy, wacky, wonderful family which was one of the highlights since I never get to see them. John and I also got to spend some quality time his parents and brother and we had an amazing time there as well. We are sooo blessed to have such supportive and wonderful families... we are loved.
I think one of the best moments (or multiple moments) of Christmas was probably my little cousin Reese, she never stopped dancing, laughing and intoxicating everyone with her energy. I love seeing Christmas through a childs eyes. But she knew the real reason for the season. She came in telling everyone, with the most enthusiam you would find in 17 adults, "look at the barbies I got for Jesus's Birthday." I loved it!
So Jesus, thank you for all the awesome gifts I received this Christmas for your birthday! You gave up so much so I could have the greatest gift everyday. So one more time (with applause, cake and candles) Baby Jesus, Happy Birthday and Thank You!!!

All the best,


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What to say??? Merry Christmas

What do you write about when all you can think about is getting to go home! Im so ready to see my family, partake in some great home cooking, and of course see what Santa brought me this year.

About to get on the road! Safe travels to everyone and Merry Christmas!

 That's me at work ready to go!!

(Im soo in the spirit this year)...Go team red, white and green!!!!



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pick my NYE Dress!

I need some help this year. Ive been shopping for a New Years Eve dress with no luck. I want sparkle! I want fun! I want affordable! Is this too much to ask??? The hubby and I are going to Orlando this year to visit friends so a cocktail dress will be the thing I need.
I have posted some dress that are in the running's for the NYE nights attire. You pick, what should I wear?
All are compliments of Forever21


Monday, December 21, 2009


How do you feel about surprises? When it comes to gifts would you rather know what you are getting or open a surprise? Are you one of those people (like my sister) who you can bribe into telling you what your surprise gift is, so in return you spill the beans as well.
Growing up, I used to do this to my sister every Christmas. "I will tell you yours if you will tell me mine," of course the stipulations were she had to go first, and then I wouldn't tell her or I would tell her something that wasn't true. How terrible of a big sis was I.
This year my husband has tried to play this game, but he doesn't know I made up the rules a long time ago. I want to keep it a secret, so I don't ask. I love Surprises. So when he asked I mase up something he is not getting and got all him excited!Terrible Fun.

So, are you looking for a surprise gift this year or did you make a list and check it twice?

All the best,


Friday, December 18, 2009

Jesse's Favorite Things

Wonderful Things Tin Can
12 Ways You made a Difference
Super Mario for Wii
The Glass Castle
Funny Bookends
Collapsible Picnic Basket

Monogrammed Necklace
Letterpress Cards
Chunky Scarf
If Oprah does it I will too!
I have thought of some great gift ideas this year! All are sure to stuff a stocking, or a box with a giant bow :)
1. Navy Chunky Scarf (From Etsy. Seller fglass)
2. Letterpress Notecards (From Etsy. Seller Invitedink)
3. Monogrammed Necklace (From Etsy. Seller Jennystapledesigns)
4. Hand Made "Wonderful Things" Tin Can ... Directions listed below:)
5. Collapsible picnic bag (I like these monogrammed as well)
6. Funny Book ends
7. 12 Ways you made a Difference - A book for someone who has mentored or made a difference in your life.
8. Book: The Glass Castle by: Jeannette Walls (Great read!)
9. A Flip (Next Youtube phenomenon)
10. Super Mario Brothers for Wii (I'm old school Nintendo)
11. Create a DVD with photos from all of the family growing up over the years and put it to some great tunes. (hardwork, but will pay off when that special person watches the end result)

Wonderful Things Tin
1 Washed Out Tin Can-- Last night's green beans!
Card stock Paper - Your choice in color or design
1 4x4 of fabric - Your choice in color or design
1 Rubber band
Cut strips of paper (these are for your sweet little notes)
Extra sticky glue

1. Cut a piece of the card stock you have chosen to wrap around your tin. These may very in size so measure before you cut.
2. Glue the cut cardstock around the entire can. Let dry before moving on...
3. Create a one of-a-kind note on another piece of cardstock for the front message: 25 best moments with you. This can be anything you want!
4. Glue this message you can created on the front on the tin can
(Now take the time to write special, sweet notes....)
5. Place all of your notes inside the tin
5. Place the fabric over the top of the tin
5. Secure with the rubber band, wrap some ribbon around...and whola! You have created a "Wonderful Things" Tin Can.

Cheap, Heartfelt and the way to show anyone how you feel!

All the best,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Late Holiday!

IF you are wondering... WHY.... you haven't seen a Christmas cards from the Morgan's??? It is because I haven't mailed them!!!
I'm so behind...
My shopping has been done, the presents have been wrapped, the tree has been up... what have I been doing.
Soon very soon you will see a Merry Christmas from me!

All the best,
Chit Chat Chic


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Great Tuesday Giveaway!

Good go to blog I like to read: Cup of Jo

Has an amazing giveaway from Steven Alan! This is from her blog if you dont follow her...
Today's giveaway is from Steven Alan, one of my favorite New York designers. He's offering his beautiful 100% silk Simone dress, which retails for $298. (I love the belt!) Wouldn't it be pretty to wear with wool tights all winter and a ponytail all summer?

For a chance to win, please visit Steven Alan's online shop and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck!

so go to her blog and enter now!

All the best,
Chit Chat Chic


Monday, December 14, 2009

Out for Lunch

Today the hubby surprised me with a lunch date. He picked me up like a gentleman does (yeah right) and we decided on sushi one of my all time favs!
Well , long story short I sat and watched John enjoy his lunch and my roll never came. We were getting up to leave when they finally brought mine to-go.
Approximately 45 minutes later I'm back at my desk opening the Styrofoam box to grub on my sushi. (another note, I ordered the Husband and wife roll which was a new one for me). This was spicy tuna and crab with avocado, I added cream cheese.
So, I look down into the box to find the largest roll ever imaginable. This was two rolls in one and designed in a Yen and Yang. This roll can't be picked up with chopsticks or eaten in three bites -- that's how large it was!
So, moral of the story... stick to what you like!

All the best,


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Valuable Experiences

What do you buy for the person who has everything? Literally, my dad has everything he wants or needs, and if he wants it he buys it. So when it comes to things like Christmas it's like your trapped in Wal-Mart walking around in circles trying to think or something he could possibly use (Oh, I failed to mention he's a little redneck, ha).
I try to think of experiences instead of actual gifts. Like the necessities to watch a movie... a popcorn bowl, pop corn, movie, blanket, etc. Or maybe a cute creative pasta basket for a dinner experience.
When I had the girls over we were talking about experiences we would pay for.
Examples I would pay for:
1. One night in an ambulance, to run their rounds
2. Hang out with the Kardashians :)
3. One night on a Firetruck, to run their rounds
4. One night with a Paparazzi
5. Be someone else for a day- like someone famous
6. Travel to see someones joy, fears, and triumphs
7. Tour hidden rooms in the white house
8. Work one day a Google
9. Be a backup dancer for Brittany Spears
10. Be the Editor for Cosmopolitan Magazine

What type of experiences would you pay for? Think it over its fun:)
Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda...

All the best,


Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello Weekend!

Hello Friday I have missed you...
I have no plans this weekend, which means food, On-demand movies and the couch (lame I know). Anywho I'm taking advantage of this whatever weekend. I hope others do too!

Top Relaxing Things to do on the weekend:
1. Finish something crafty
2. Give yourself a home facial
3. Make some hot apple cider
4. Download your top 5 Christmas songs to your Ipod
5. Sleep In
6. Catch up on a book
7. Light all of your favorite smelly candles for no reason at all
8. Bake something sweet
9. Go out and take some nature photos
10. Go visit a pet shop, get out the cutest puppy:)

Make it great it doesnt last long!
All the best,

Christmas Dip

Dip into green and red at your next Holiday get together. This was an all time favorite at our house growing up during the holidays. My mom is not a cook--this is an understatement! (sorry mom) But this dip is one of her specialties, and it is mmm.... mmm.... good!
What will you need?
1. 8 oz. of Whipped cream Cheese
2. 1 cup. of Mayo (I use light mayo)
3. 1 can of sliced olives with pimentos (This is probably about 16 oz. or around 2 cups)
4. 2 small packages of chopped pecans

--In a medium size bowl, empty the container of whipped cream cheese and add the mayo. Mix together until blended. Set aside
--Drain the can of olives so you are left with no juices. In a food processor or with a sharpened knife chop up the sliced olives into smaller pieces. Add to the cream cheese and mayo. Stir all ingredients together. (you will start to see the red and green holiday themed dip)
--Then add one bag of pecans. If you like a lot of pecans add the second.
--Let this sit in the refrigerator for about 30 min. From here you can mold into a ball. If you would like to roll in additional pecans you can do this as well. I opted not to this time.

I have posted a pic.
Serve with crackers of your choice!

All the best,
Chit Chat Chic,


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Who doesn't love a Chihuahua???

I have one of the best Chihuahua's ever! She is sweet, cuddly and loves everyone.
When I saw this article on Yahoo, I just couldn't believe how anyone could abandon one of their cute little faces.
If you are thinking of adding a new member to the family, go and adopt a Chihuahua! You will have a friend for life.

Here is a pic of my little angel!

Girls Night Out!

All of my A-mazing Girl Friends!

Last Saturday, I had the girls over for no reason at all, except to see the most amazing girlfriends that I never get to see anymore! We all live busy lives with work, husbands, children, and everything else in between... so I was definitely missing my way over due girl time:)
I'm always up for a social gathering and I love to theme everything out! So my attempt this time was a nostalgic potluck. This meant for everyone to bring their favorite childhood dish. Although, when it can down to it we all grew up on McDonald's and pizza---How sad! But everyone made great stuff, I think the blue ribbon prize went to our little preggers friend A. Todd with an array of dishes from spicy wontons, strawberry pretzel salad, PB fudge and brownies --whoa she must have been hungry!

I have also posted some pics!
Thanks for a great time girls... we need to get together more often:(

All the best,


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Last night I had the craziest dreams. At one moment during the night I was skiing on one ski in the grass (or swamp like waters) with Brody Jenner. Yep, you heard it Ive been Bromanced in my dreams! Then I stepped into another world with dinosaurs. I was walking in the rolling hills of no mans land with ancient creatures of the world. And... to top it all off John said I yelled out, "I stuff my bagel with cream cheese during the night." What did I eat? What was I thinking? Where did these crazy dreams come from?

I Googled some sites and came across a dream dictionary:

Here are some of the key words I researched:
To dream that you are skiing, suggests that you are pushing yourself and putting your mental and/or physical ability to the test. You are your own fiercest competitor.

To see a dinosaur in your dream, symbolizes an outdated attitude. You may need to discard your old ways of thinking and habits.

To dream that you are being chased by a dinosaur, indicates your fears of no longer being needed or useful. Alternatively, being chased by a dinosaur, may reflect old issues that are still coming back to haunt you.
To see or eat a bagel in your dream, suggests that there is key element missing from your life. You are not completely whole. Alternatively, it refers to sexual urges.

Funny Stuff!
Does anyone know of a good sites that analyzes dreams?
Have you had any good dreams lately?
I would love to hear...

All the best,

Monday, December 7, 2009

Count your Blessings

Someone lost their shoes

They keep track of the population - It is up to 70

One of the man made living quarters- a variety of people will share at one time.
Anna and I packing goodie bags - her ribbon curls were so much better:)

The A Group packing lunches for our visit to Tent city.

On Friday I visited Tent City in Nashville, TN. To me this area looked like a dump site but to the homeless that live there it is the only place to call home.
Upon arrival we were quickly surrounded by the people in need. One thing I noticed first hand was most were men, and I saw no children. This could be because of the guarded mentality they live by or maybe women and children stay inside the tarped homes. Inside their community you will see low fences around certain spots and only one person will come out of the area while another stays back to guard the area. Also, the areas are separated into certain clicks-- Just like neighborhoods.
Everyone was very appreciative of the lunch and grab bags we provided. I have posted some pictures of what it actually looked like.
When I was there all I could think about was the small things I take for granted like a hot shower, a roof over my head, food in the cabinet, clothes on my back and how these people worry each day whether or not they will have any of these luxuries.
So count your blessing for you never know what tomorrow may bring.
If you would like to know more about how you can help visit

All the best,

Friday, December 4, 2009

Give to Others

I have been blessed in more ways than one. Today at my new job (another blessing) we are going to be giving back to the community of Nashville.
Downtown Nashville has become a permanent residence for many homeless Americans, here in this particular part of Nashville, TN we all know it as Tent City.
This area is over populated with people with no where to call call but the tent they have man made themselves.
Here is a brief look into the area.

I will post how it goes.

All the best

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sweets and Treats! --Giveaways....

I love this time of year for a million reasons but one that stands out today would be the spectacular candles, lotions and sweet smells which make it that much better.
I have my cinnamon bun candle on my desk spreading the aroma of Christmas right now!

One of the blogs I enjoy (Prepperoni) must feel the same way about the sweetness during the holidays because she is spreading the love with a fantastic giveaway from the Philosophy line Milk and Cookies ... how appropriate!! Go there you could win this sweet stuff:)

All the best,

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Handmake this Christmas

I was blogging and came across a great article on making presents this year for all of the special people in your life.

Last year I made a keepsake box for my grandmother that was personalized and had each family member write a sweet heart felt message about why she was loved. This was a great inexpensive gift for the person that has everything.

Here are some the the other great ideas I stumbled upon this year...
(Compliments of Country Living and Decor8)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Decorate Christmas Style!

The girls are coming over for a night of good conversation, a little wine and a lot of memories (all of which make me happy)
So I have been creating inexpensive centerpieces for the social event!

The Holidays keep me busy, crafting and sewing little things here and there. Here is a peep show into what Ive checked off the list of Christmas crafts... Cuteness is so addictive. I love to create!

Here are some pics.

Edit your Photos

Easy way to edit and customize your personal photos....

I love this site easy way to create cool pictures:

Eating Pomegranate

Whoever knew that eating a pomegranate was so difficult?
I see at the store and decide to try a good for you treat. I had no earthly idea how to cut open , what to eat, how to eat, the list goes on... I like the juice so I figured I would try out the fruit!
So if you are wondering how to get those little sweet juicy bits out of the middle here is a little tid bit of knowledge to store away for a rainy day. (compliments of

  1. Step 1 Cut off the flowery end of the pomegranate.
  2. Step 2 Score into sections.
  3. Step 3 Place in a bowl of water.
  4. Step 4 Allow fruit to soak for 5 minutes.
  5. Step 5 Break the sections of the fruit open in the bowl of water.
  6. Step 6 Allow the seed kernels to separate from the rind and sink to the bottom.
  7. Step 7 Discard the rind and drain the kernels.