Monday, December 14, 2009

Out for Lunch

Today the hubby surprised me with a lunch date. He picked me up like a gentleman does (yeah right) and we decided on sushi one of my all time favs!
Well , long story short I sat and watched John enjoy his lunch and my roll never came. We were getting up to leave when they finally brought mine to-go.
Approximately 45 minutes later I'm back at my desk opening the Styrofoam box to grub on my sushi. (another note, I ordered the Husband and wife roll which was a new one for me). This was spicy tuna and crab with avocado, I added cream cheese.
So, I look down into the box to find the largest roll ever imaginable. This was two rolls in one and designed in a Yen and Yang. This roll can't be picked up with chopsticks or eaten in three bites -- that's how large it was!
So, moral of the story... stick to what you like!

All the best,


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