Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello Weekend!

Hello Friday I have missed you...
I have no plans this weekend, which means food, On-demand movies and the couch (lame I know). Anywho I'm taking advantage of this whatever weekend. I hope others do too!

Top Relaxing Things to do on the weekend:
1. Finish something crafty
2. Give yourself a home facial
3. Make some hot apple cider
4. Download your top 5 Christmas songs to your Ipod
5. Sleep In
6. Catch up on a book
7. Light all of your favorite smelly candles for no reason at all
8. Bake something sweet
9. Go out and take some nature photos
10. Go visit a pet shop, get out the cutest puppy:)

Make it great it doesnt last long!
All the best,

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