Thursday, December 10, 2009

Girls Night Out!

All of my A-mazing Girl Friends!

Last Saturday, I had the girls over for no reason at all, except to see the most amazing girlfriends that I never get to see anymore! We all live busy lives with work, husbands, children, and everything else in between... so I was definitely missing my way over due girl time:)
I'm always up for a social gathering and I love to theme everything out! So my attempt this time was a nostalgic potluck. This meant for everyone to bring their favorite childhood dish. Although, when it can down to it we all grew up on McDonald's and pizza---How sad! But everyone made great stuff, I think the blue ribbon prize went to our little preggers friend A. Todd with an array of dishes from spicy wontons, strawberry pretzel salad, PB fudge and brownies --whoa she must have been hungry!

I have also posted some pics!
Thanks for a great time girls... we need to get together more often:(

All the best,


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