Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's over already?

Well we bought, we came, we saw and now its all over:( This Christmas went by way too quick! I will have to say though its been one of the best Ive had in awhile. Im not sure what it was but I was totally in the spirit this year ~ happy face!
I got to see my crazy, wacky, wonderful family which was one of the highlights since I never get to see them. John and I also got to spend some quality time his parents and brother and we had an amazing time there as well. We are sooo blessed to have such supportive and wonderful families... we are loved.
I think one of the best moments (or multiple moments) of Christmas was probably my little cousin Reese, she never stopped dancing, laughing and intoxicating everyone with her energy. I love seeing Christmas through a childs eyes. But she knew the real reason for the season. She came in telling everyone, with the most enthusiam you would find in 17 adults, "look at the barbies I got for Jesus's Birthday." I loved it!
So Jesus, thank you for all the awesome gifts I received this Christmas for your birthday! You gave up so much so I could have the greatest gift everyday. So one more time (with applause, cake and candles) Baby Jesus, Happy Birthday and Thank You!!!

All the best,


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