Tuesday, September 28, 2010

getting crafty!

I've been home on maternity leave and my life has changed just a bit. My day mostly consists of feeding, pumping, changing and staring at my little angel and then repeat. On the occasion I do get the random hour or so to do something for myself.
Since last year I have been inspired to start making baby gift items for friends. I guess I'm at the age where everyone is having a little one. I liked making things so much I just kept making them even when I didn't have anyone to give them to:)
Now I have a little diva of my own and I have been making more and more stuff. She can only have so much so I have decided to start selling some of the items I make on Etsy.

Recently Ive been making the big cute flower headbands and cute little onesies. 

Check out my recently added Etsy items. Check back often I'm adding items daily.

Also, recently I got an embroidery machine. I've been practicing so these items are coming soon!

All the best,