Friday, March 25, 2011

What I learned and what I didn't at 2011 SXSW

If  you are asking yourself "what is SXSW?" Here is a quick summary:

SXSW stands for South by South West, it is an interactive, film and music conference that happens in Austin, TX. Online social outlets have been know to make their big debut there, ever heard of Twitter? Yep, that Twitter-- launched while at SXSW in 2008.
This is definitely not like your typical conference you would venture with your co-workers with keynote speakers and on the topic information. It's much bigger, much broader and way cooler:)

I will try a visual:

Imagine, 20000 people at a 5 day party in the center of Austin, TX trying to get within a 2 mile radius while texting, typing or taking video. Oh, and there are a few hundred panels, discussions and speaker sessions dealing with new media, mobile apps, design, development, social media and the list could go on. 
Here I was introduced to new mediums, upcoming apps, new fashion trends, passionate people and a wealth of knowledge pertaining to interactive technology. 

Here are a couple of things I learned/ themes for SXSW 2011 - 
1. Group Messaging – Like chat in the 90’s connecting to others on a larger scale is attractive to consumers.

2. Tablets - A new medium, tablets will be the future of learning and how we think – will shape the way we design and develop our digital content.

3. Location based applications - seeing a major push on checking in to location, emotions, products, deals ect.

4. Branded Content - brands are now publishers. Consumers expect brands to create content in order to win their repeat attention.

5. Games – Adding a layer of fun and engagement to marketing plan can motivate customer to interact with your brand on a regular basis. Gaming mechanics is a whole new world

6. Social Sharing – base your shopping/purchasing experiences, searches and interaction online with your social outlets

7. Real-Time marketing – give customers a real message, be honest and respond quickly to a crisis

What I didnt necessarily learn?
1. The next best thing in online technology that will ensure sales -- yeah didn't learn any magical formulas for this. 
2. Where social shopping is headed - Too new to know
3. What makes someone buy more online - Would be nice:)
4. How to design the best website on the internet 
5. How a magazine subscription company could benefit from an app?

Lastly, I was hoping to get picked to be in a Flash Mob and this didnt happen. Total bummer!

The week was exhausting yet stimulating. It was nice to get out of my cube and channel new creative energy. Thank you to my employer (shout out) for sending the new gal to an amazing experience (no need to call it a conference). 
And, if you are wondering my boss is not reading, he, he:)

Photos of SXSW: 
Flash Mob I wasn't apart of -- still really upset.
 This was a bacon infused waffle cone with breakfast or lunch options.
 Everywhere you went people where on some type of device. This is what it looked like when you sat down for a session.
Geeks love legos. --- I guess:)

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Online business card

If you havent already go now and create an About.Me site for yourself.

I am working on mine, but I've got it up so I figured I would share:)