Friday, December 18, 2009

Jesse's Favorite Things

Wonderful Things Tin Can
12 Ways You made a Difference
Super Mario for Wii
The Glass Castle
Funny Bookends
Collapsible Picnic Basket

Monogrammed Necklace
Letterpress Cards
Chunky Scarf
If Oprah does it I will too!
I have thought of some great gift ideas this year! All are sure to stuff a stocking, or a box with a giant bow :)
1. Navy Chunky Scarf (From Etsy. Seller fglass)
2. Letterpress Notecards (From Etsy. Seller Invitedink)
3. Monogrammed Necklace (From Etsy. Seller Jennystapledesigns)
4. Hand Made "Wonderful Things" Tin Can ... Directions listed below:)
5. Collapsible picnic bag (I like these monogrammed as well)
6. Funny Book ends
7. 12 Ways you made a Difference - A book for someone who has mentored or made a difference in your life.
8. Book: The Glass Castle by: Jeannette Walls (Great read!)
9. A Flip (Next Youtube phenomenon)
10. Super Mario Brothers for Wii (I'm old school Nintendo)
11. Create a DVD with photos from all of the family growing up over the years and put it to some great tunes. (hardwork, but will pay off when that special person watches the end result)

Wonderful Things Tin
1 Washed Out Tin Can-- Last night's green beans!
Card stock Paper - Your choice in color or design
1 4x4 of fabric - Your choice in color or design
1 Rubber band
Cut strips of paper (these are for your sweet little notes)
Extra sticky glue

1. Cut a piece of the card stock you have chosen to wrap around your tin. These may very in size so measure before you cut.
2. Glue the cut cardstock around the entire can. Let dry before moving on...
3. Create a one of-a-kind note on another piece of cardstock for the front message: 25 best moments with you. This can be anything you want!
4. Glue this message you can created on the front on the tin can
(Now take the time to write special, sweet notes....)
5. Place all of your notes inside the tin
5. Place the fabric over the top of the tin
5. Secure with the rubber band, wrap some ribbon around...and whola! You have created a "Wonderful Things" Tin Can.

Cheap, Heartfelt and the way to show anyone how you feel!

All the best,

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