Friday, May 7, 2010

I just don't get it ya'll

I don't get the hype with the iPad, Glee, Justin Beber and using cuss words on Twitter!

Maybe I should get an iPad and I would understand.

I've watched Glee and its a show and a musical combined-- I just couldn't get into it, maybe I'm just getting old.

Justin Beber, you are precious don't get me wrong, but one of your fans made a death threat to Kim Kardashian just for taking a picture with you! You are a baby!

Lastly, you are only allowed a certain number of characters on Twitter...  you really have to waste them on the cuss words,  you can't get your message across without the harshness??? Just asking!

Random thoughts going into the weekend!
Have a fabulous weekend!

All the best,


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