Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reflection on 2010

I want to take a moment to reflect on 2010 and the memories that have made it one crazy, tearful, yet amazing year!

In 2010, My husband and I celebrated 2 years of marriage.
In 2010, I turned 28. Not very exciting but a memory none the less.
In 2010, I found out I was blessed with the most amazing gift from God, a little girl. This wasn't on my planner or really even a thought for the near future. BUT... It has been the best thing to happen this year! I love just watching her and I live for the moments when she smiles when she sees my face. Ella is all awesomness! (I'm tearing up a little now)
In 2010, my relationship with my sister changed. This is something I haven't really dealt with I guess for selfish reasons - so much going on in my life. She is on the wrong path and no road sign can lead her in the right direction. I'm not the type to sit back and watch a train wreck just happen. I have to voice my opinion even though at times it does not come off in the form of sparkles, rainbows and butterflies. I'm okay with not being the "cool" sister if one piece of my advice gets heard. Although, on the other hand I hate this. I love her so much and just want to laugh and cut up like we used to. I hate it even more that she is not a big part of Ella's life. This is definitely something that has come as a big surprise to me. I figured a baby might change things. I feel like things will get better though, I know she is a very strong willed person and will eventually figure her life out.
In 2010 I got a new car. Needed something bigger to carry the little one around in:)
In 2010 I lost my job. This was probably right up there with the most shocking of the year. There isn't much to say about this besides I do regret not saying goodbye to all of my co-workers.  I had built relationships with the people I had worked with and it was sad to go. I just had to move on and I wish them much success.
In 2010 I started making more crafts and expressing my creative side in ways I had never been able to before.
In 2010 I started Pookie Posh, my official  Etsy store for my cute handmade items:)
In 2010 I starting designing baby shower invites and learned Adobe CS4 - Im not a school trained designer however I know my way around the programs now.
In 2010 I got to stay home with Ella longer than expected:)
In 2010 my Dad was in a very bad motorcycle accident. He broke almost every bone in his body. He was wearing a helmet so he was lucky not to have endured any head injuries. He is very lucky to be alive today. Life can be gone in an instant and when something bad like this happens it makes you stop and count your blessings. I would not have been able to visit my dad on a regular basis if I had not lost my job. Family is priority above all things. I hate that this has happened to my dad but can see the positive effects that it has had on my family. Everyone around my dad has been there since day one. He has not spent a day or a night alone. The amazing support my family has showed makes me very proud.
In 2010 I got a new job!!! Different than what I have been doing in the past but all around a better position and organization for me. I am very proud and excited for the new challenges!
In 2010 a handful of my close friends became pregnant or had a baby. It is definitely the year for girls!!! I am very excited about the memories our little ones will make together.
In 2010 we survived the great Nashville flood.
In 2010 I was able to help out others effected by the floods
In 2010 my mom became a grandmother, she now calls herself YaYa :)
In 2010 my mother in law became a grandmother, she now calls herself Oma:)
In 2010 my dad became a grandfather, he calls himself Papaw.
In 2010 my father in law became a grandfather, he calls himself Papa Steve.

Gosh, Im sure Im missing some of the highs and lows of 2010 but all around it was a great year.  I had a lot of self reflection this year and learned a lot about my self. God dealt me a rough hand at times but I always stayed in the game. I am very lucky to have an amazing husband, healthy daughter, supportive family and wonderful in-laws. Life has been good in 2010 and I know 2011 will be even better!!!!

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  1. Aww Jesse what a wonderful crazy year it has been for you. I just love hearing how much you love being a mother. I feel like we were alot alike before these surprises. I wish we were closer so we could do playdates. Maybe one day, but if not I am so thankful for you. I can't wait to see what 2011 will bring for us all. Love you girl!! Happy New Year!!