Monday, May 9, 2011

First Mother's day

I woke up on Sunday to the sweet smell of breakfast and of course John turning on the lights and saying "get up its mothers day!" It was not even 6:00 am yet:)

The outfit John got her:)
John had made orange rolls (my favorite and one of the reasons I haven't lost the baby weight), had my favorite flowers, had gotten Ella an outfit that said "mommy's little girl", tied a balloon to her hand that said I love mom, wrote the sweetest poem in Ella's words and got me a massage! Perfect first mothers day!

All day long I played the "mothers day" card... I can't clean its mothers day, oh lets eat here its mothers day, Ella needs a diaper change its mothers day.

I loved my first mothers day not for the gifts or the excuse to be lazy but for the amazing feeling of being a good mom to a wonderful baby. I am truly blessed to have a healthy, sweet, beautiful little girl. I love you Ella!


  1. I can't tell you how many times, I said "you do it, it's Mother's Day!" HAHAHA! Hope you had a fabulous first Mother's Day!

  2. I did it all day long! Loved your mothers day present. Brad put a lot of thought into that... kudos to Brad:)

  3. LOve this!! Happy Mother's day Jesse!! You are an amazing mommy!!! Ella is just the cutest thing. I can't wait for her and Mac to play one day!!!