Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday Blah...

I wanted to do my part stimulating the economy so I rolled out of bed at 5:00 am like millions of others to venture into the madness of sales this year on black Friday (first time ever I should add). Only to find out what a disappointment I was going to be handed. I hardly found anything worth scooping in my bag and hiding from others. Some of the sales that had gotten me up in the first place were in size XXL(nothing wrong with that but I know stores make more than one size), wrong color, items in ads not there, on this not that or not that much of a sale at all. I can officially say unless I'm first in line and "NEED" something specific I won't be back.
The only reason I can see shopping amongst the madness on black Friday is when I have children and the one thing on Santa's list is a steal of a deal.
I would love to hear other black Friday stories.... Did anyone find something to brag about? Did anyone see any hair pulling mom fights?

Love to Know.
Chit Chat Chic

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