Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Long over due...

Well Ive been away but only to play! Ive been busy learning to sew again since I'm now a married domestic diva (yeah right). but any who, my creative juices have been flowing in my woman-made sweat shop.

I’ve been busy creating for others and loving it along the way. Whoever knew that finally getting the ol’ sewing machine out of the box would be so grand. It’s funny how your creative geniuses start flowing when you satisfy a passion that has been safely stored away.

I’m on a baby forward path with upcoming showers popping up everywhere. I have been in the sweat shop inventing creative designs for blurb cloths, baby bibs, savvy paci’s, time out chairs and much more. I love this ya’ll cuteness is addictive.

Im Savvy now, Chit chat chic

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