Monday, November 30, 2009

Spread the Cheer!

I have lots of wine corks from bartending in the past... I need to find a use for them!
An option like this could be very glam...

Thanksgiving has come and gone (and boy was it grand!). Now it's officially time to start decorating the homestead with holiday decor galore:) ( i like that).
I can check one thing off the list...I have put up the tree. I want to be creative and frugal, so hand crafted decor will definitely be the case this year. I'm going to try to spruce up what I used last year with extra glitter, glam and ribbon of course!
My little crafting list consists of... 1. center pieces for the table 2. Wreath for the door 3. holiday runner for the kitchen edge 4. Second hand candle sticks made fabulous again. And, its all up to me to make it happen!
Im having the girls over Saturday for a much needed night of catching up! Very excited!
I believe my inspiration this year will be...

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