Monday, August 23, 2010

Face Monday with a new agenda

Tired of the same 'ol routinue at work. Try making a rap some or a rhyming song about what you do. Check out this guy on Southwest airlines. He is taking it to new levels in the sky:)
This is too good.

I think I've got a couple lines...

Here's a try: (not sure of the beat yet)
Welcome to The A Group where our clients always stay
We like Churches, becuase they always pay and it's the Godly way!
If you are asking yourself What do you think Jesus would do? He would take his website straight to the a group crew!

We have programming wizards who have paved the way with genius skills that never stray.
Our designers are creative to where they are pretty much the best. They take client ideas....

Okay I've got a lot of work to still do:)

Happy Monday!
All the best,

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