Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Scary Happenings

Yesterday was a scary day at the Morgan household. I came home to one of our dogs, Taysha, who had practically tried to eat her way out of her cage and was experiencing signs of dehydration all because of the activity she had endured throughout the day. (Just a note--Normally John gets home before me and the dogs are fine. Yesterday she had to stay in the cage a little longer than normal and went crazy.)
I opened her cage, saw blood (me --very scared) and here she came staggering out of the cage like a drunk.
She went right for the water bowl and would not stop. I had to hold the bowl for her because she did not even have enough strength to stand up. Eventually she got sick from all the water. I was a hot mess. I didn't know what to do for her or where she was bleeding or what was going to happen to her. All I could do was sit in a panic and hold her water bowl up to her mouth.

Now here is my dilemma.  If we don't leave her in the cage she tries to eat the wall to get out of the garage. Yep, you heard it she literally tries to eat and claw her way through the wall. Let me also remind you this is a 10 lb. Shit-tzu. This is something she started doing earlier this year. It is almost like she ges into panic mode when she goes into the garage. I'm not sure what it is, we leave water and food and have fans or heat depending on the weather.

Also, we cant leave her in the house all day, she will have an accident, and we also have two other small dogs that keep her company so there is no telling what would happen if we left everyone inside all day long. 
I think with age she is really going crazy. She was 9 years old this July:(

How do you deal with a crazy dog that experiences panic attacks???

All the best,

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