Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Create your own pizza party

Recently the hubs and I watched an episode of Good Eats. This particular episode taught you how to create and grill homemade pizzas. The tutorial looked easy enough and the visual alone left my mouth watering. So, ever since I have been wanting to have a small get together with friends in the honor of this pizza recipe.

I thought this would be great for entertaining. Invite a couple people over, have a variety of toppings and the possibilities are endless.

Not like this hasn't been done before, but I want to do it:)

If you didn't want to actually make the pizza crust you could always purchase pre-made flatbread.

For the perfect appetizer you could serve mini individual tomato mozzarella salads picked and placed within a votive candle holder. I recently saw this and it was darling. This would be easy to pick up and double as decoration.

Im guessing Im not going to be having this shindig anytime soon -- Im 36 weeks pregnant-- but I really want to and that should count for something:)

So I figured I could share my future party ideas:) Celebrate your friends and loved ones, have them over for a friendly pizza party!

All the best,

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