Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

If you could do anything what would it be? Now let's throw in another perk and say, you would not fail? Would the outcome be different?
The whole NBC Leno Vs. Conan press opportunity has me thinking of this very question. What if you were actually doing the very thing you always wanted to do and then it was taken away. Not a good day on the farm.
What would I do you say?
Well, I would own my own stationary shop with cute stuff galore. You could monogram anything and personalize everything! The shop would be filled with rare gifts for any special person in your world. I would have classes on entertaining and wine tastings for fun. The decor would be fun, frilly (in a good way) and glam from the floor up.
And, if I couldn't fail...
I would be a back-up dancer for Brittany Spears! Baby hit me one more time, I would dance with Britt any day of the week! If I could and was good that is.

What would you do? Let me know!

All the best,


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