Thursday, January 14, 2010

Make a Difference

I'm sure we've all seen the news and the detrimental effects of the Haiti earthquake. If you feel like being philanthropic today and helping aid in the efforts to restore Haiti send a quick text message to The American Red Cross. This simple peck on the keys will donate $10.00 to help provide supplies and care to the people and children in Haiti.
The American Red Cross has already raised 1,000,000 through the text message campaign. So if you are thinking "what is my $10.00 going to do?", well it adds up with others to make a larger amount that will in turn be enough to make a difference.
Text the word "Haiti" to 90999. If  you would like more information visit The American Red Cross

1 comment:

  1. I wish I could go to Haiti...but hubby says there is lots of things to do right here in the good ol USA. So we will find a good work to do north of the equator! We did send money through our church tho and that will buy food, water and supplies.