Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Doggy Woes

I had to wake up this morning before 5:00 am, to my frantic husband yelling at me to get out of bed because something was wrong with Taysha- I JUMPED out of bed!

For those of you who don't know Taysha is my angel, my very first dog and my life would crumble all around me if something ever happened to her. This dog will for sure out live me or die the day I do like an old married couple.
Well, Taysha must have been very excited about eating breakfast this morning because she horded her food in her mouth from the others and ran off to drop her pile in the special place she wanted to eat it (she always does this weird eating habit) and she choked on a piece of food. And, I think she picked up a string along the way. So here my dog is choking at 5:00am and all I can do it sit there beside her in major panic mode.
How do you relieve a dog if they are choking? I didn't know the Doggy Heimlich removal or CPR. I had no clue. All I could do was sit there and watch her suffer while I kept patting her on her sides and sticking my finger down her throat.
Well, Im not sure which part worked the beating or the finger but eventually she stopped hacking. I layed down with her on the couch becuase of course she only wanted to be with me. I tried to calm her down beucase she kept shaking (so sad). Taysha made it through thank God!


  1. What a wake up call. She looks like a small dog. That's probably why she takes her food elsewhere. So the others won't take it!

    Glad your efforts worked.

  2. Aww JEsse I am so glad she is okay!!! Bless your heart!!!