Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pushin Present

Yep, you heard it, have a baby and you get a pushin present. I heard this term a couple years ago from a friend and fell in love. Hooray I get a special present (other than the baby) for having a baby! So John recently has asked me what I would want... Well, I've been thinking a mothers ring with the baby's birthstone or a personal trainer (for obvious reasons after the baby). My due date is September 1 so the baby's birthstone would be Sapphire if born then. If he or she comes early the birthstone will be Peridot (which is the same as mine).  I'm thinking this baby will come early, I just have a hunch (or maybe a prayer). If so, I already have a birthstone ring I got for graduation from my grandparents. I thought of just getting another one, but I don't know. I have posted some rings I like for the occasion;) I like simple and vintage looks. I also, like the idea of the stackable bands that I can add to in the future.
 Have you heard of the pushin present? If so what did you get? If not, what would you want?

Love to know...

All the best,


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  1. Oh yes mam I have heard of this!! That is awesome John is on top of it. You deserve it!! I want the stackable rings from Tiffanys "celebration rings" That looks like the picture you have on here. I made Mike aware of those a long time ago. lol You should get the trainer and the rings ;o)