Saturday, March 20, 2010

Supper Club, mmm...mmm... good

I've been talking about it forever, and now we are finally going to attempt the task. A group of my friends, happens to be 5 couples, will be rotating houses to serve up a home cooked meal to the group. I have been trying to decide what we will do since I volunteered to be first:) John wants to do a "Barbecue" theme because he loves cooking on the grill and wants to try out a new Rib recipe.
I thought this might work out well because I recently saw the cutest idea for a Backyard Barbecue themed party. The date has been set for April 16th so I'm hoping the weather will be nice enough to have everyone outside. Plus, decorating outside will be way more fun! The one thing I am going to have to do pronto is get some extra seating. I only have a table that sits six! and the group is made of 10:) This is something I should invest in anyways, you can never have too much seating for a large group.
Here are some of the ideas I'm thinking of attempting...

This will be tricky I have NO trees in the back yard!

I want to have a lemonade stand with original and a flavored lemonade:)
For dessert maybe we could have homemade ice cream! I don't have a "maker thing" though.

Just some initial thoughts and ideas. It's right around the corner so I need to finalize the details!

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