Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Humpday Confession

Confession Wednesday, here it is...

Confession: This may be too much information, its embarrassing and a little amusing.
You know the things you always hear about that can make you lose 10 lbs. in one day, yeah we've all heard them and wondered! Well, before my friend Katie's wedding I was in desperate need to drop some additional LBs to fit into my bridesmaid dress. I originally tried on the same size I ordered... it fit... received my dress it didn't fit. Then it was altered and it didn't fit even worse.
So I decided to call the number I had heard repeated time after time on the radio.  This really pleasant voice answered on the other end and this is where I found out it was a Cleansing Clinic. Also, I should note it was buy one get one free! For those of you who don't know where this is going I had called a Colonics clinic! Yep, and I went through with it for the wedding one week away. I've had my pooped sucked out:)
Also, I did not lose 10 lbs. in one day or one week. I felt thinner at first, but the very same the next day. So the rumors are not true you will not drop those extra pounds. However, you will get rid of old poop and parasites that live in your body.

Now I want to hear the best confession you've got! I will post the best ones:)

has anyone else had this done and had better results I would love to know!

All th best,



  1. hahaha No I havn't done this, but always wondered about them.

  2. I cant believe you posted that!!!!