Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm Back!

I've strayed away but not to play. I've been busy being sick, re-arranging furniture in our house to make room for baby and paying very large baby medical bills (first baby bill has already come).

For those of you who haven't figured it out I recently found out Im going to me a mom, which means have a baby which also means lots to do:)

While Ive been gone, I forgot Valentines day, well practically I forgot to get the hubby a card. I also forgot to send cards to my family this year!

I had friends over Valentines weekend. I cooked. Yep, you heard it I followed a recipe for Cheesy chicken Enchiladas and it was a success. I got the recipe off a great blog Tierney Tavern check her out she has some great recipes to share!

The rest of the time I caught up on American Idol, Modern Family (new favorite show), Housewives of Orange County, The Kardashians, The Bachelor and Grey's Anatomy.
What a hard life I live.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

All the best,


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