Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is Free always better?

When you have the opportunity to take something for free or pay for it you feel like the best thing to do (for the wallet at least) is to take the Free stuff. My neighbor has offered to give J and I a free baby bed... what to do??? It's in great shape and has hardly been slept in (she had an adoption fall through). At first I was all "Oh yeah well take it!" but the more I think about it, the more I realize its not the style I had in mind at ALL. But then my frugal side kicks in (never knew I had one) and says take the furniture it's FREE.

I'm at such a crossroads now. And the hubby is not helping. He is always the sensible one when it comes to things like this, he's always there to remind me not to spend money and even he is not backing me up on this. He's like well if you want another bed well get one.

UGHH what to do when you get things for FREE!!!


  1. Take the free one and splurge on other cool furniture! By the way I started clicking some of these baby blogs you had listed and I spent like 45 minutes in baby blog space. I have the baby fever so bad! Congrats Jesse!

  2. aww have one!!!! I was wondering when you posted about Mattie Mae Designs if you were expecting!!! I love her stuff she is a sorority sister of mine. I have started making burb clothes and onsies for people I love it:) Thanks again!

  3. Wow Jesse you are so creative!! I say buy the bed you want bc more than likely it will get lots of use and you want to love it!! Now they have the baby beds that can be used as a full bed too I believe is worth the money. I am pretty good at making people feel okay about spending money!! MIss you!

  4. Amanda Norman-SizemoreFebruary 9, 2010 at 9:10 AM

    I would say take the free one...after two kids I can tell you...they are only going to sleep in it, they will be climbing out of it by 2, and I promise, the baby won't care if you paid for it or not. I used a simple bed like the free one you are being offered and decorated the rest of the room with new furniture. The things I spent a lot of money on...dressor, chest, etc...the kids used for many years...the baby bed...not so much! Just thought I would share my thoughts...always do what feels right to you! God Bless!