Monday, February 14, 2011

When do you stop shopping in Juniors???and start wearing mom jeans...

When is it appropriate to stop shopping in the Juniors section? I think it is a natural attraction to hit this section first when shopping for everyday items. However, I am always more successful when searching for work cloths in the woman’s section.
Here lately though I’ve pondered the fact of whether or not I should stray to the juniors section at all. Now that I am a mother, do I get to start wearing “mom jeans”? I know no one want to see me pushing a stroller and falling victim to the “crack kills” joke.  

So, do I say goodbye to the TJMaxx $14.99 jeans and tops and migrate to the $39.99 Michael Kors button down and high wasted DKNY jeans? I guess this is the question now that I am a responsible mother, with a daughter that will one day be embarrassed of what I wear no matter what it is. 

Are you wearing “mom jeans” ????